Artist Spotlight: Yu Jui Yang – Merging Tradition and Modernity in Ceramic Teaware

A Journey Through Art and Craftsmanship

Award-winning Taiwanese contemporary ceramist Yu Jui Yang, 楊育睿, has earned accolades in several international exhibitions, including the German Nassauischen Savings Bank New Ceramic Artist Award and the Spanish El Vendrell International Ceramic Biennale. Yang focused on creating ceramic sculptures before embarking on his journey in teaware. His works, with their organic shapes, carried his intuition and subconscious, infused with an undercurrent of ambiguity and subtlety.

Yu Jui Yang teaware

Embracing the Symbolism of Nature and Memory

Yang's approach to ceramics is deeply personal, stemming from childhood memories and experiences with nature, picture books, and animated works. "The images transform into symbolic forms, concepts, and symbols," Yang explains. "These are changeable, soft, and combinable, constantly remodeled, transformed, and reorganized." — Excerpt from "The Artist," December 2017, Issue 511, Zhuang Xiu Ling.

Yu Jui Yang's ceramic teaware collection showcases restraint, minimalism, and unique characteristics. It's not mere suppression but rather aligning the practicality of the vessel with artistic vision. The tall tea cups, teapots, and tea caddies blend ancient, modern, Eastern, and Western elements, each distinct and thoughtfully designed piece.

Yu Jui Yang teaware

Yang's amber color series creates earthy, grounding tea moments, that resonate harmoniously. His unique teapot collection with water ripples celebrates the relationship between tea and water. 

The celadon glaze Shiboridashi Teapot exemplifies Yang's superior craftsmanship and minimalist aesthetic.

Yu Jui Yang Shiboridashi Teapot

If you're drawn to the artistry and elegance of traditional ceramic art, Yu Jui Yang's latest collection is an experience you don't want to miss. His unique blend of ancient techniques and modern design creates visually appealing teawares and a true embodiment of culture and craftsmanship. Explore Yang's exceptional works, including the celadon glaze Shiboridashi Teapot, and find pieces that resonate with your taste and love for ceramics. Check out Yang's latest collection and immerse yourself in a world where art meets functionality.

Exhibition Experience


Asian Contemporary Ceramics Exchange Exhibition (Korea/Gimhae)


Yang Xi Art Space "Poke a Few Holes" Ceramic Solo Exhibition

Stunning Edge Asian Contemporary Ceramics Exchange Exhibition


Douer Art Room "Necessary Form" Joint Exhibition by Yang Yu Rui and Xu Wei Lu

Presidential Office "Between Contemporary Sculpture and Craft - Existence" Invitational Exhibition


Zhong Art Space "Bridal Chamber・Portrait" Yang Yu Rui Ceramic Exhibition

Yingge Ceramic Museum "Echoing Generations: Exploring Taiwan Contemporary Ceramics" International Ceramics Association IAC Domestic Exhibition


Yi Er Tea House "White Noise" Yang Yu Rui Tea Ware Solo Exhibition


String Door Tea House "Return to the Beginning Every Day" Daily Craft Exhibition

Mu Liao "Muted" Yang Yu Rui Tea Ware Exhibition


Fugui Ceramic Garden "Heart Reflection - Tea, Flower, Fragrance Joint Exhibition"

Taiwan Craft Research and Development Center "Hit a Record - Craftsman Career Journey" Special Exhibition

Hubo Tea Garden "Flicker ON/OFF" Yang Yu Rui Tea Ware Exhibition

Fugui Sanyi Hall "Form・State II: Material Creation Joint Exhibition"


ROUND ROUND "Drowsy Things" Yang Yu Rui Living Ceramic Exhibition

Or Craft Window "White Noise" Yang Yu Rui Tea Ware Solo Exhibition



German Nassauischen Savings Bank 8th Ceramic Newcomer Award - Finalist

Taiwan Craft Competition - Selected


Taiwan Ceramic Award - Selected

3rd Taiwan Youth Ceramic Biennale - First Prize


Taiwan Ceramic Award - Special Excellence

Spain X Biennal de Ceràmica del Vendrell 10th International Ceramic Biennale - Selected


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